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Breezy Cedars Retrievers
HealtH Guarantee

Our Personal Promise

Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC would like to thank you for your purchase. Your puppy/dog is from a breeding stock carefully selected to be sound physically and genetically.  Your puppy be able to learn quickly and perform competitively. 

Although we spend many hours selecting breeding pairs that will ensure your new puppy will be healthy there is still the possibility that some genetic problems could occur.  We, therefore, offer three guarantees.   A 30-day health guarantee, a 26-month (from date of birth) retinal dysplasia guarantee, and a 26-month (from date of birth) hip dysplasia guarantee.

Limited 30 - Day Health Guarantee

We guarantee this puppy to be in good health.  We require the Buyer to take the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within seven days of the sale to verify this representation.  If the veterinarian determines your puppy has any physical problem which makes it a poor health risk, you may within 30 days of purchase, return the puppy to us for a full refund or full credit towards another puppy.  To make a claim under this provision, the veterinarian must document the diagnoses in writing.  This documentation must show the date, in which he conducted his examination and the reason why he believes the puppy is a poor health risk.  If we are notified after the 30 days have elapsed following the date of purchase, we will assume that the is in good health.  Once the 30-day period has expired, the Buyer assumes all the other responsibilities for the puppy that is not covered under the guarantee.  This guarantee excludes issues related to transmittable diseases, such as parvo, distemper, coccidia, giardia, etc..

General Terms and Conditions

If you are eligible for and select a refund under the warranties, Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC will refund your puppy’s full price within 7 days of receipt of all documentation substantiating your claim.

If you choose another puppy from Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC which has a price greater than the amount of your puppy, you must pay the difference.

If you choose another puppy from Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC which has a price less than the amount of your puppy, you will then receive a refund within 7 days of the transaction.

Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC is not responsible for any payments of veterinarian’s fees for the examinations, medications, X-rays, laboratory testing, or any other treatment.

If you are eligible for and select a refund or credit under the provisions of this warranty, you must return any and all registration documents for this puppy. You also agree to assign any and all documents back to Breezy Cedars Retrievers, LLC before refund or credit will be issued to you.

If it is necessary to ship a replacement puppy, you are solely responsible for all freight charges.


This warranty is non-transferable and becomes void if the dog is sold or placed.


The dog must not have whelped or sired any litters prior to obtaining OFA and CERF clearances, nor shall the dog be spayed/neutered prior to 18 months of age.


Microchip numbers must appear on all documents of certification.

Buyers further agree that this is a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between both parties. This agreement supersedes any prior oral agreements, understandings, and any other communications relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

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