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Black Marble


BreezyCedar's White Lighting

  • Sex: Female

  • Color: Yellow (Chocolate Factored)

  • Born: March 6, 2019

  • EIC: Clear

  • CNM: Clear

  • OFA Eyes: Normal

  • Stump joined our kennel when someone backed out of a deal.  Stump is probably a very athletic dog who earned her HR title this past summer.  Stump has a very unique and interesting personality. We have plans to breed Stump this spring and I think she will produce some very good looking pups.

  • Stump is sired by HRCH UH Harness Creek’s Leroy Brown MH out of HRCH Jasmyne Water Mark’n Lean Mac Rocket.

  • Fun Fact: Stumped was named after Moonshine which was openly distilled all over the state of Kentucky.   After moonshine was bottled it was often hidden in tree stumps hence the name “Stump”!



HRCH UH Harness Creek's Leroy Brown MH

  • Callname: Leroy

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: CHOC

  • Coat Genotype: Chocolate

  • - Hidden Yellow - Eebb

  • Whelp Date: 5/3/2012

  • Date of Death: 0/0/0

  • Owner: Tom & Lisa Neel

  • Breeder: Tommy & JoEllen Williams

  • Website:

  • OFA Hips: LR-209465G25M-VPI(GOOD)


  • OFA Elbow: LR-EL63605M25-VP I(NORMAL)

  • CNM: LR-CNM1469/26M-VPI (CLEAR)

  • EIC: LR-EIC2503/25M-VPI (CLEAR)

  • UKC Reg: R231-946

  • UKC Points: 1035

  • AKC reg: SR72816910

  • AKC DNA: V743344

  • PRA: LR-PRA1479/51M-PI (CLEAR)

  • D LOCUS: LR-DL520/51M-PI (CLEAR)



HRCH Jasmyne Watermark'n Lean Mac Rocket

  • Callname: Jas

  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Choc

  • Coat Genotype: Choc

  • - Hidden Yellow- Eebb

  • Whelp Date: 10/8/2015

  • Date of Death: 0/0/0

  • Owner: Jim Agent

  • Breeder: Yvonne Plaisance's/Steve Plaisance

  • OFA Hips: LR-237548G38F-VPI (GOOD)


  • OFA Elbow: LR-EL87303F38-VIP (NORMAL)

  • CNM: LR-CNM2282/38F-PI CLEAR

  • EIC: LR-EIC4826/22F-PI CLEAR

  • UKC Reg: R260-576

  • AKC reg: SR90042203

  • PRA: CLEAR #166755 DNA

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